With experience, we understand what it takes to deliver a good home cleaning & maintenance service. We make your home the best hygienic place to live in. We provide you with customized packages as per your requirements, however, we have following services listed which have been asked generally.


  • Removal of Cobwebs
  • Dusting of Tables, chairs, all filing cabinets
  • Cleaning of walls, Kitchen / Pantry, Toilets
  • Cleaning of the floor by using Machine & Steam cleaning by shifting Furniture Disinfecting entire premises.
  • Thorough Scrubbing and washing of floor
  • All light switches, electric covers will be cleaned
  • All shelves, cupboard, cabinets will be cleaned
  • All doors and door-frames will be wiped
  • Cleaning of cobwebs and dust from walls will be done
  • Glass Cleaning will be done
  • Through cleaning and Scrubbing of washrooms will be done
  • Vacuuming and dust-proofing of sofas, chairs, and carpets
  • Treatment of steel and wooden surfaces






    Natural or synthetic fibers the backing is usually synthetic occasionally jute / burlap

    Cleaning Requirement

    The dirt carried onto it by traffic passing through the area soils all floors.  This can clearly be seen on the surface of a hard floor; however, the depth of a carpet pile can hide significant levels of soiling and dirt before it becomes visible. This dirt and soiling significantly reduce carpet lifetime. On a periodic basis the process of basic cleaning is conducted which removes soluble dirt from the whole carpet pile, right down to the backing, leaving the carpet completely refreshed and restoring carpet appearance.


    Deep Cleaning      


    Brush vacuum the entire carpet or brush heavy traffic areas with a carpet pile brush and then thoroughly vacuum the entire area.  Remove stubborn spots/ stains


    Fill spray device with the required dilution of Taski TR 103and prespray the carpet. Clean the entire area with the scrubbing machine .


    Taski TR 103


    Taski TR 103 is specially formulated for carpet cleaning for spot/stain removal with scrubbing machine.  Its excellent cleaning properties make it ideal for the effective removal of water, soluble and greasy/oily soil. Taski TR 103 is slightly alkaline, gentle to carpet and upholstery fabric fiber, low



    STEP 1 – GRINDING: It’s most powerful and dynamic step, also known as slippage removal or flattening. Even newly installed marble floor can have some tiles be upper or lower of floor flatness. This step removes all ledges, roughness and brings flatness to marble floors. Also, this step can remove the deepest scratches and stains.

    STEP 2 – HONING: Honing is the step of floor restoration provides smoothing the marble floor with industrial diamonds, which brings up more shine to the marble. Honing will also remove scratches, stains and give a more uniform appearance. In some cases honing is all that’s needed to get you stone looking spectacular again.

    STEP 3 – POLISHING: Polishing gives semi-shining or shining effect on the marble floor. Polishing is done by industrial diamonds, but smaller graded, than while honing. For marble floors in good condition, a polishing can be enough to bring back the shine.

    STEP 4 – BUFFING OR CRYSTALLISATION: Crystallization is a method of marble floor finishing. It brings “mirror-like” shine by chemical reaction on the surface of marble. Crystallization also creates microfilm on the surface of marble, which is more solid and durable and helps to preserve the color and the brightness of the marble. Crystallization is a very good method for regular stone maintenance.


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